I launched the Studio 9 Artist Hub in hopes of bringing together the talented artists I have met throughout the years who did not have a creative space to live and breathe in. This great state has a stable of very creative people who find themselves working from home and surrounded by distractions. It was something I needed as an artist and now I make it available to my fellow filmmakers, writers, producers, graphic artists, photographers, web designers, actors, our amazing theatre folk, and even those raunchy podcasters. I am passionate about partnerships and collaborative opportunities with our many artist-based agencies who have paved the way for our creatives. Our goal is to become an extra space to lean on when needed. 

Welcome Home.

Mi Casa, Tu Casa.

Studio 9 artist hub

65 Blackstone Avenue, Pawtucket RI 02860

Victorious Ramos, Lead Partner

Studio 9 Artist Hub